About kxrank

kxrank is a live ranking of the top 100 football players worldwide, according to the kx model.

Player ratings are updated within an hour of the final whistle, and the top 100 is updated at least once per day.

What is kx?

kx is a statistical computer model pioneered by Kortex Analytics to measure player impact, and rigorously tested over the past several years to have better predictive performance than even the betting markets.

The kx model automatically assesses and rates individual player impacts across hundreds of leagues, as they happen. The model works by measuring the effect a given player has on their team's goal differential over the course of a match, taking into account the strength of their teammates, opponents, and dozens of other factors.

One output of the kx model is the individual player impact rating, kx. Because kx is an absolute rating, it is useful for comparing players across leagues, and even across continents.

For more information on the kx metric or the kx model, just reach out. We won't bite.